Web Development Links

These are some links to web development tools and references that I find useful.

Online Tools

HTML & CSS Validators, JS compressors, and other free online web dev tools.

Webmaster Help

Webservers, databases, hosting, playing nice with Google.


What every web developer needs to know about HTML and all it's variants.


If you are just getting started, westciv has an excellent free CSS tutorial and reference. For the serious web developer, I also recommend reading the W3C specifications - not for the faint of heart - but a very useful body of knowledge.

Since it is supported differently by all the browsers, CSS is the one tool of the trade that requires the most knowledge of 'tricks' to get things working properly. These extra links are just a starting point - your own list will grow quite large as you collect tricks from around the web!


If you want the information on your site to be accessible by a wide variety of folks - including folks with visual impairments, these links can help you out.



The Masters

These folks are all very active with development and design on the web. If you want to know what's happening with the WWW, visit these sites. Of course, this is just my personal list. Think someone else should be on here? contact me.

General Web Dev

Just getting started as a developer? These sites are a great place to get your bearings.


If you are doing server-side development with PHP, sooner or later you'll come in contact with these sites.


You've heard of it, but aren't really sure what the Document Object Model is and what makes it useful. These links can really expand your knowledge.


Javascript == misunderstood. It's a powerful language, and a lot of fun to program in.

Modern web development often employs the use of friendly JavaScript libraries and frameworks. jQuery, prototype, mootools, YUI, AngularJS, Backbone, QUnit. All are different and all are very good. Also, take a look around the source of these libraries and you'll definitely learn some cool stuff about programming in JavaScript.


Sure, flash is pretty - but it doesn't play too nice with the other guys: HTML, CSS, javascript. Then again, It's also not going away. Just a couple of links to flash stuff I've found useful.